Imbolc ritual Part 1

Here is the first part of my Imbolc ritual. Being my first ADF ritual, it is going to be pretty rigid in its structure. Comments welcome!

Imbolc Rite 2011

Initiating the Rite

  • The participants proceed to the ritual space and circle it three times deosil
  • D1 picks up the drum but does not use it yet
  • D1 says:

Let us close our eyes
Take three deep breaths
Feel the power flowing beneath the frozen land, like water flowing under ice
Feel the tentative but waxing power of the sun above you
The power of the water flows up into you from the Mother
The power of the sun flows down into you from the Father
You are a cauldron
The powers of water and sun intermingle within you
You are the cauldron
The power fills you

  • D1 beats the drum nine times and then says:

The rite of Imbolc has begun! Biodh se amhlaidh!

  • D2 lights the bonfire, saying:

I kindle this fire in the name of Brigid
To be a fire of warmth
To be a fire of inspiration
To be a fire of magic!

Honouring the Earth Mother and Sky Father

  • D1 gives corn meal to the earth, saying:

Earth Mother, though you sleep beneath ice and snow
we, your children, honour you with sacrifice.

  • D2 gives incense to the fire, saying:

Sky Father, though you are still yet more night than day,
we, your children, honor you with sacrifice.


  • D1 lights the sticks of incense from the fire
  • D1 touches their forehead of each participant with water from the well, saying:

May the waters of the Earth Mother cleanse you

  • D1 then fumigates the participant with the incense, saying:

May the air of the Sky Father purify you

  • D2 performs the purification on D1

Statement of Purpose

  • D1 says:

It is Imbolc, and today we gather, as our ancestors did,
to give honour to the triple goddess Brigid,
she who gives us warmth, inspiration, and healing during the cold winter.

Creating the Cosmos

  • D1 gives silver to the well, saying:

In the deeps flow the waters of wisdom.  Sacred well, flow within us!

  • D2 gives oil to the fire, saying:

From the fire come the flames of inspiration.  Sacred fire, burn within us!

  • D1 pours the fertilized water on the tree, saying:

From the depths to the heights spans the world-tree.  Sacred tree, grow within us!

Opening the Gates

  • D1 gives incense to the fire and calls:

Great Manannan, Keeper of the Gates
Part the mists for us,
Show us the way,
Accept our sacrifice,
Manannan MacLir, 0pen the gates for us!

Let the fire open as a gate!

  • D2 calls:

Let the well open as a gate!

  • D1 calls:

Let the tree be the crossroads of all worlds!

  • D1 and D2 call:

Let the gates be open!

Inviting the Kindreds

  • D1 pours cider on the ground, saying:

We welcome you to join us here,
to do honour to the Triple Goddess Brigid,
As you did in the past, so we do now.
Noble Ones,  accept my sacrifice!

  • D2 scatters seed on the ground, saying:

Spirits of the land,
creatures of the forest, the water, and the sky,
we honour you and invite you to join us this Imbolc.
Mighty Ones, accept my offering!

  • D1 pours cider on the ground, saying:

Gods and Goddesses,
of hearth and home, forest and stream,
We welcome you to our sacred space,
to join in welcoming Brigid.
Shining Ones, accept my sacrifice!

Key Offerings

  • Participants make offerings to Brigid

Prayer of Sacrifice and The Omen

  • D1 offers the bowl of evergreens to the fire, saying:

Triple Goddess, we have made you offerings,
Brigid, accept our sacrifice!

  • D2 takes the omen.

The Return Blessing

  • D1 holds up the blessing cup of cider and says:

Exalted Brigid, Lady of the Hearth,
bless us with your gifts of healing and health!

  • D2:

Exalted Brigid, Lady of Inspiration,
bless us with your gifts of wisdom and craft!

  • D1 and D2:

Exalted Brigid, Triple Goddess,
bless us with the water of life!

  • D1 offers the blessing cup to each participant, saying:

Drink and be blessed.

Continue to Part Two

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