Ostara Re-cap

I opted not to do a full ritual for Ostara, mostly because I was far too busy leading up to it but also because we were going to have company over the weekend and I didn’t think it would go over well.

However, despite the lack of formal ritual I do feel that I celebrated Ostara appropriately.

Making maple syrup over an open fireTo begin with, I spent the Saturday boiling approximately 80 litres of sap into maple syrup.  This transformation of the blood of trees from water into syrup is a sacred ceremony unto itself for me.   As it also requires that a great deal of time be spent outside, it always gives me that wonderful opportunity to sit by the fire and experience the wonders of early spring; the Robins hunting for worms, the Swans honking overhead…  a truly transformative experience in more ways than one.

On Sunday – Ostara proper – I worked mindfully with everything I did reflecting on the high day.  It started with a blessing to the Earth Mother and a sacrifice to her of some of that fresh maple syrup, followed by a hearty breakfast of pineapple upside-down french toast drenched in .. well, you can guess.  There is nothing quite like the taste of maple syrup infused with the smoke of an open pine wood fire!  You just don’t get that same taste from commercial maple syrup made in modern evaporators.

After breakfast I engaged in a wonderful planting ceremony.  First, I dealt with the oak acorns that I had asked Boyne and Brigid to bless at Imbolc.  I was very pleased to see that most of them had sprouted from the stratification, and I planted a full thirty of them into potting soil in cups, asking the Earth Mother to bless them again at this time.  I greatly look forward to seeing them emerge from the soil!

After the oaks, I planted a number of other seeds that need an indoor early start prior to transplanting at Beltane.  Broccoli, brussel sprouts, and lettuce, mostly, but also flowers to adorn Demeter’s garden; enchinacea, sun flowers, and zinnia.

All in all it was a truly blessed Ostara.

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