On Morning Devotionals

I have, for the last couple of years, tried to incorporate a morning devotional into my daily routine.  Sadly I have found that this goal has been kind of like flossing… I’ll think about it once in a while (“oh, dentist appointment next week!  better get flossing!” … “Almost Samhain!  Better start some morning prayers!”) but usually it gets passed over in my rush to get my life together and get out the door.  Heck, some mornings I forget to take my keys or my wallet, let alone remember to engage in deepening my relationship with the gods.  At best I would mumble a few words thought up on the spot somewhere between packing my lunch and filling my travel mug with coffee.

Since joining ADF and starting the Dedicant Path I have worked on being a bit more diligent about it to the point of at least coming up with some more or less standardized wording.  Right now my devotional, when I remember to do it, starts with a grounding micro-meditation.  Then, if I am in front of my Earth Goddess shrine, I’ll say “Great Mother, I thank you for another day on your bountiful Earth.  Blessed Be.”.  Or, if I am in front of my Cerridwen shrine, where I keep my ADF hallows, I’ll touch my forehead with a drop of water from the well and say “Cerridwen, I ask that the waters of your cauldron bless me with inspiration and wisdom this day.”or something to that effect.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to take this further and so recently posted on the Dedicant list asking for people to describe their morning spiritual practices.  Teo Bishop asked me to blog about it, so there you go.  A fair number of people responded, and I’d like to summarize some of the suggestions I received.

Betony suggested preparing prayer cards in advance that can be read.  I like this idea for a couple of reasons; first because it doesn’t require me to do any pre-coffee thinking, which is always a good thing.  Second because it would allow me to add some variety to the devotional.  Definitely a great suggestion.

Deb recommended prayers during the drive to work.  My commute is about 45 minutes so this seems like it would be an excellent use of the time, but on the other hand I live in deer country and need to stay alert.  Somehow I don’t think it would be a good thing to be saying a prayer to the Land Spirits just to have them end up in my windshield.

Ceisiwr and Michael Dangler suggested prayers in the shower.  I do like this idea although I have a certain black cat who believes that my only purpose in life should be delivering food into his gullet as quickly as possible once the alarm goes off, and any time spend dilly-dallying is like as not to cause him to decide to bite me back to the stone age as a warning to other humans.  So this would require some re-arranging of my routine.

All in all, lots of great ideas.  I’m going to take some time this weekend to contemplate them and see what I come up with.  I’ll let you know.

Now, anyone have any ideas on how I can floss more regularly?

3 thoughts on “On Morning Devotionals

  1. >>Now, anyone have any ideas on how I can floss more regularly?

    Yeah! Floss at night before bed. Most of us have more time at night. Or put some floss with your computer and floss while you wait for pages to load.

  2. I still haven’t managed daily devotionals for more than a week or so at a time, and it seems like morning devotionals are not ever gonna happen. I barely wake up in time to get to class or work in the morning these days, though that might change after I finish school and start getting more regular sleep.

    One thing I’ve considered is making some sort of prayer beads that I can keep in my pocket or somewhere else with easy access throughout the day. I know I won’t have time before actually heading out the door in the morning, but I might be able to put some time aside once I get to wherever I’m going – on a break between classes, when things slow down at work, etc.

  3. Brilliant! So glad you decided to post about your morning devotionals on your blog. Glad to give you the nudge. I think what you’re doing already is great. If you can find a few new things to integrate (like the prayer cards), even better.

    Ceisiwr has a prayer in his “A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book” that I’ve been using lately, and it might be of use to you. It’s in the section devoted to Openings (i.e., prayers you may use at the start of a ritual), and it’s rather simple. It reads:

    “The Sacred Space is here.
    The Sacred Time is now.
    Nowhere to travel,
    nothing to wait for.
    Just know it to be true,
    and you are there
    and you are then.”

    While you *do* have places to travel to in the morning, it might not hurt to speak something like this aloud before you approach either of your altars, or as you begin your shower. Even a few minutes of time can be sacred; its really about the intention behind the actions, and the sincerity you bring to your worship.

    Blessings to you!


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