When I joined ADF, I knew that becoming a member of an existing grove was not likely to happen

The nearest Canadian grove to me is Dancing Lights in Oshawa, a 300km and probably 3 and a half hour drive.  There is one grove in Michigan that is closer; Shining Lakes in Ann Arbor is only about 230km but with the border crossing it would still probably be a 3 hour drive.  So any trip to an existing grove for a High Day celebration would include 6-7 hours of driving; not much fun, especially with fuel prices at near record highs right now.

Also when I joined ADF, there was only one other member in my near vicinity which did not make for much of a chance of starting a local grove.  However, since then, three more people have turned up on the ADF membership list in the area.  I feel kind of silly talking about starting a protogrove when I have only been a member of ADF for about half a year.  My mind tells me that I should wait until I have at least finished my DP, but my heart says carpe diem!  Which to listen to?

2 thoughts on “Groves.

  1. Do it!!! I’ve only been to a handful of grove meetings and one ritual with the group, but I feel like it’s much easier to learn when you’re doing it with a group. So much of the Core Order of Ritual becomes clearer when performed as a group. You can learn from fellow grovemates, and they can learn from you.

    Plus, it’s just plain fun.

    On the other hand, I’m sure it’s a lot of work, and there are some regulations about who can start a grove (based on experience, etc.) but my first instinct is to say, undoubtedly, YES.

  2. If everyone else in your area is new to ADF, you can work on your DP’s together and have local support. It’s not hubris; it’s community and support system building. 🙂

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