Mental Discipline Journal – Preamble, in which Hercules learns that to be something is to know something.

If you have ever watched Xena: Warrior Princess or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, you’ll appreciate that they play fast and loose with history and myths.  One of the most egregious, and yet highly entertaining, episodes has Hercules getting shipwrecked in Ireland and becoming embroiled in a war between the Druids and the Celtic Gods(!).  Yes, it seems that the Morrigan (played by an irresistibly cute Canadian with a wonderful fake accent) is fuelled by the blood of Cernunnos and is trying to find and kill the Druids who want to free the Celts from the oppression of their gods.

The writers didn’t just bend the truth; they took off and nuked it from orbit.

Tamara Gorski as The Morrigan

The point to all of this is that Hercules found that his great strength was not enough to defeat Morrigan.  He needed something more.  That’s when the chief Druid, in about three cut scenes involving a horse and a lake, taught Hercules the mysteries of mental discipline.  That was the secret weapon that Herc needed to defeat Morrigan and Cernunnos and save the Celts(!)  He then goes on to Norway and saves Baldur from Loki, but I’ll let the Norse kin fret about that one.  The point is that mental discipline is a very important resource to have.  Just ask Hercules.

Now, I want to begin this journal by saying that this is not going to be a “meditation journal”. I became enamoured of eastern mysticism very young and took up meditation and beat poetry in my late teens. I absolutely sucked at poetry, but I got pretty good at meditating. So I will talk about meditation, but I’m not going to focus on it. What I will try to focus on is the stuff that I still struggle with; namely bringing that calm mental discipline that I can achieve in meditation to every day challenges. There are still moments when even seemingly trivial things can cause by emotions to go on a rampage, looting and burning and raping and pillaging while my ‘mental discipline’ goes and hides under a bed or something.  Reigning in these emotional triggers without simply suppressing them is the ongoing goal of my mental training.

So anyway, this is just been a preamble. I like to keep my blog entries shortish so I’ll save the first ‘real’ journal entry for another day.

Continue on to Month 1.

One thought on “Mental Discipline Journal – Preamble, in which Hercules learns that to be something is to know something.

  1. I love that show. I don’t remember that episode, though. I do remember an episode that showed Apollo basically being a jerk and a snob, so I had very little interest in ever learning about him or interacting with him at all. And now I’m so attached to him I almost never make an important decision without praying to him first, so I find that really amusing to remember.

    It’s flawed, but it was my first introduction to the Greek gods (or any gods besides the Christian one/s), and I fell in love with them largely because of that show. So I have a soft spot for it, and I like how you used it to make this point.

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