Midsummer Re-cap

Well, had a wonderful Midsummer.   As I mentioned earlier, my wife and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary so we both took the 21st off of work.

We started our celebrations Midsummer eve by taking some ale, honeyed bread, and blueberries into the woods as an offering to the Fae.  As the mosquitoes and deerflies were thick in the humid air, we left the offering with some very hurried words wishing them well on their feast day and asking for their blessings.

We then had a nice traditional bonfire in the backyard, and offered some more honeyed bread to the gods.  However, we did not stay up very late as our plan was to rise before the dawn on the solstice morning, which we did.

After waking and bathing, I performed a slightly enhanced version of my morning devotional;  sacrificing silver to the well, lighting incense to the Ancestors and offering ale to Cernunnos and a raven feather to Cerridwen.  We then went outside to start our ritual at about 5:30am, about fifteen minutes before sun rise.  It was a beautiful calm foggy morning which lent a definite air of drama to the occasion even though it meant that we wouldn’t actually see the sun rise.

We opted not to do an ADF style rite for the occasion, doing a Wiccan circle instead, which my wife wrote.   Suitably, Apollo was invoked as the Lord and Gaia as the Lady.  We had bought each other anniversary rings and blessed these then renewed our wedding vows as the sun rose.  All in all a wonderful ceremony to mark the solstice.


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