Mental Discipline Journal Month 2

Not too much to report this month.  On the meditation front I am continuing my short sessions as part of my daily devotionals as well as trying to get outside at lunch once or twice a week to meditate in the park.

I am definitely getting better at being able to tune out the distractions around me.  With the summer here, the downtown park that I go to at lunch is teeming with people.  However, I have been able to reach fairly deep meditative states on a few occasions, once even with a group of young adults who decided to start playing frisbee right around me.

I still find that having ants crawling on me to be distracting, however… no matter how much I envision my skin to be bark or tell myself that they can’t hurt me!

On the mental discipline front I am making progress.  I have a bad habit of letting little things easily get to me.   Traffic is the worst.  I can never seem to get over just how rude cagers can be.  The Oatmeal has a great cartoon about it.  It’s like those little metal boxes with wheels bestow their drivers with the right to hate everyone else on the planet.   So anyway, I have been the past often found that something as stupid as having my right-of-way being stolen will put me into a foul mood that I simply cannot shake.   This month I have been working on it, and am finding techniques that allow me to, if not always not be bothered about it in the first place, at least be able to ground myself and allow the negative energy to dissipate.  And that’s a good thing.


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