Pagan Pride Day Ritual Re-cap

On Saturday our community had our second(!) annual Pagan Pride Day.  I offered to hold an ADF ritual for it, partially to help highlight our new Ontario Druid group.

The ritual went smoothly and was pretty well attended considering the fairly small overall attendance of the event.  Approximately 20 people came to the rite plus a few children (I really need to start incorporating kids into my public rituals).

One thing I had fretted about beforehand was the fire.  As it was in a public park I knew I couldn’t have even a small bonfire and just didn’t want to go with candles.  So, in a fit of desperation I went to our local Value Village the day beforehand and found a nice brass pot that is just a perfect size for a small fire.  I also found a short metal stand to put it on so that it wouldn’t burn the ground.  As a bonus, I also found a nice copper bowl for the well so I am now well equipped for rituals in public parks.

For simplicity’s sake I used the same basic liturgy as from Lughnasadh.  However since I had to do most of the recitation I ended up ad-libbing most of it.    This was the first time I’ve tried to do so but I think it worked out well since I had the general theme of what I wanted to say thought out in advance.  I did switch up the core of the ritual, invoking both Lugh and Tailtiu.  I then divided the participants up into two groups (Team Fir Bolg and Team de Dannan) and we had some warrior games in honour of Tailtiu (racing, wrestling, and archery) with prizes which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Our group’s ovate then read the omens (Brooch, Stag, and Crone).  I used pure water for the blessing and also added a loaf of freshly baked bread as part of the blessing, again in honour of Tailtiu.

All in all I think it went over well, especially given that it was just our group’s second public ritual.

One thought on “Pagan Pride Day Ritual Re-cap

  1. The best ritual experiences are when you are speaking from the heart, rather than fumbling with papers in your hands. Glad to hear that the ritual was such a good experience.

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