Autumn Equinox Recap

Our local group Daoine dhen Tamais held its second High Day ritual Friday evening to celebrate the equinox.  We had 16 attendees including three children which was a great turnout considering that a) we held it at my place, which is about a 40 minute drive from the city, and b) the weather was scheduled to suck, and in fact it did rain heavily all day.  Fortunately the rain stopped and it actually started to clear up a bit prior to the start of the rite, so we were able to hold it outdoors afterall.

As I mentioned in my essay on the equinox, this is one of those High Days with very little attestation regarding traditions and therefore many Pagans have developed their own traditions.   In this case I decided to do something a bit different and use a ritual drama to (very lightly) explore some of the themes around human aging and the Autumnal Equinox as a marker within a person’s life.  I chose to use the boyhood deeds of Cú Chulainn, mostly because I could bring one of my Irish Wolfhounds into the drama!

So, during the rite I invoked Morrigan as the Diety of the Occasion and also invoked Cú Chulainn as a guest of honour from the ranks of the mighty ancestors.  We then launched into the drama, with four people acting the various parts.  As a play it went better than I ever expected it to considering we had very little time to rehearse as a group, and of course dogs can be very unpredictable; I was worried that Artemis, the wolfhound I selected to play the guard hound of Culainn, wouldn’t perform for the actor playing Setanta.  But it all worked out, with Artemis being baited into a “down” to look like she was being duly slain.

We then read the omens, took the blessings, and thanked the beings as usual.  With the closing of the rite we had a potluck followed by a bonfire.

One of the nicest things about the ritual was the attendance of two people who are very new to exploring Paganism.  They just happened to find my event page for the ritual on Facebook and decided to attend without really knowing anything about me or the other members.   This really deepened my belief in the vision of ADF as being an open, public venue for community worship.

As this was only our second High Day ritual (we did a Pagan Pride Day rite as well), we still have a long way to go as a group to gel together.   I worry a bit that the group’s rituals won’t become really compelling until we have a good core group that is working together, but that people’s initial interest in the group will wane if the rituals aren’t really compelling.  So, as the unelected and de facto grove organizer I have my work cut out for me in trying to get things gelling, so to speak, a task which I am not one hundred percent sure that I am up to.

Anyway, for those interested in the text of the ritual drama, click on the “Continue Reading” below.  Feedback welcome!

Ritual Drama for Fall Equinox 2011



Cathbad        Kevin
King Conchobar    Sid
Setanta        Joe
Boy            Cris
Culainn        Cris
Guard            Kevin


CATHBAD: Who goes there?  Why, it is my lord, the King of Ulster, Conchobar mac Nessa.

[King enters]

CATHBAD: My liege!

KING: My loyal druid, Cathbad.  It is good to see you.  Come along; the smith Culainn has invited us to a feast at his house to celebrate the equinox.

CATHBAD: I would be honoured to accompany you.

[King & Cathbad begin walking, and then see Setanta play fighting with another boy.  Setanta is winning.]

KING: Who is that boy who fights so well?

CATHBAD: That is your nephew, sir.  He is called Setanta and has newly come to the capital.

KING: How marvellous.  Setanta!  Come hither!

[Setanta approachs the king]

SETANTA: Yes sir?

KING: You fight with great courage and skill.  As a reward, I’d have you accompany me to the feast at Culainn’s.

SETANTA: Yes sir!  Only…

KING: Yes?

SETANTA: I haven’t finished the game yet.  May I please stay a while longer, and I will come to the feast as soon as the game is done?

KING: Very well!  Don’t be too late.


[King & Cathbad arrive at the house of Culainn the Smith]

CULAINN: My king!  My esteemed druid!  Welcome to my house!

KING: You are too kind, Culainn.

CULAINN: Come in, come in!  The fire is warm and we have mulled wine.

[All enter the house.]

CULAINN: Master Cathbad, you should see my new forge.  It is quite the marvel!

CATHBAD: I would like to see it.  With your leave, my lord?

KING: Of course!

CULAINN: Shall I have one of my servants escort you?

CATHBAD: Thank you, but I know the way.

[Cathbad leaves.]

CULAINN: Mulled wine, my king.

KING: Thank you!

[Culainn hands a cup to the King, who drains it in one gulp.]

KING: Most excellent wine!

CULAINN: Thank you my lord.  It has the blessings of The Dagda upon it.  Would you like another?

KING: Why not?  It is the equinox!  Let us celebrate!

[Culainn hands a cup to the King, who drains it in one gulp.  The King appears tipsy.]

KING: My!  This is heady stuff!

CULAINN: It is indeed, my lord.  Now, I should like to release my guard hound to protect the property.   Are you expecting anyone else to join us tonight?

KING: [a bit tipsy] Um, er.. no, no, release thine hound!

[Guard brings an Irish Wolfhound in]

CULAINN: Very good.  He is a savage beast with the strength of a hundred regular dogs.  No man can withstand his assault and he will attack anyone he sees.  Guard, release the hound!

[Guard walks off with the Irish Wolfhound]


[Setanta enters, jogging]

SETANTA: Oh I hope I am not too late.  The game lasted much longer than I thought!  The king will be angry with me for being so tardy.

[Irish Wolfhound enters]

SETANTA: Oh no, what a huge ferocious monster!

[Setanta and the Irish Wolfhound fight]

[King, Culainn, and Cathbad enter]

CULAINN: What is going on?

KING: Alas!  I just remembered that my nephew was to join us!  He shall surely be rent to bits by your hound!

[Setanta is victorious and the Irish Wolfhound lies down]

KING: Have you ever seen such a thing?  A six year old boy has slain your savage hound!

CULAINN: Oh ill luck!  Little boy, you have killed a good member of my family!  He was my loyal friend and the safeguard of my house, my herds, and my flocks!

SETANTA: Be not angered, for in this matter I shall pronounce a just reward.

CULAINN: And what would that be?

SETANTA: I shall find a whelp of a dog from this hound’s family and nuture it and train it until he is as fit as your hound was for this job.  And until then, I shall be your guard hound and protect your house and your herds and your flocks.

KING: That is indeed a just reward.

CATHBAD: I could hardly have thought of better justice myself.  Such honour is in this boy!  From this day forward, let the world know you as the Hound of Culainn… I name you Cú Chulainn!

KING: Wonderful!  Come let us rejoin the feast!



Cathbad                      Kevin
King Conchobar          Sid
Cú Chulainn                Joe
Student                        Cris
Guard            Cris


[CATHBAD and CC enter from opposite directions]

CATHBAD: Unless my aging eyes deceive me, can this be the lad Cú Chulainn?

CC: It is indeed, Master Druid.  The smith Culainn finally has his new guard hound and so I have returned to the castle to seek out my uncle the king.

CATHBAD: And how long has it been now since?  It must have been three turns of the wheel of the year.

CC: To the very day, for it is the Fall Equinox once more and again.

CATHBAD: Indeed.  It is good to see you again lad, but I mustn’t tarry.  I have class to teach anon but first I must go and perform some divinations.  There are omens in the air.  But you should come to class later today; you have spent too long guarding sheep and likely know not your letters.

CC: I shall attend to your class after I have spoken to my uncle.  Until later.

[Cathbad & CC exits]


[Student enters and sits down.  Cathbad enters.]

CATHBAD: Good morning class.

STUDENT: Good morning Master Cathbad.

CATHBAD: Let us take out our text books and read chapter three on the meaning of the equinox.

[Student opens a book and starts to read]

[Enter CC, but not quite in the scene]

CC: Ah, I am late for class on the first day!  Cathbad will make me rue this!

CATHBAD: Now, class, it is the Fall Equinox and I have taken the omens.  The gods tell me that today shall be a most auspicious day.

STUDENT: Why shall it be a most auspicious day, sir?

CATHBAD: The great red goddess Morrigan has decreed that the first warrior who takes up arms this day shall be the mightiest warrior of all.

CC: Oh!  I must be sure that this is me!  I must run to the king and get him to give me a sword!

[CC exits]

CATHBAD: But… the Morrigan has also decreed that this warrior shall also be short lived, like a fiery arrow that streaks across the sky and pierces a lake.  But now, we must cut the class short for I must consult with the King.


[The King enters.]
KING: Ah, the Fall Equinox, when the trees of Ulster turn to gold and red.  Such a beautiful and melancholy sight.  The year turns and turns again.  A man is born in the green spring and sees his own equinox as his hair turns grey with the wisdom born from summers past.

[CC enters]

CC: Uncle!

KING: Yes m’lad?  Shouldn’t you be in school now?

CC: I have no time for learning!  I must have a sword — today!  Willst you give me one?

KING: (chuckles) No time for learning.  Ah, the young.  Very well.  Guard!  Bring my nephew a sword!

[Guard enters carrying a toy sword]

GUARD: Here you are, a sword fit for a lad!

CC: (tries a few practice swings) This is not a sword!  This is a plaything!  Please uncle, make him give me a real sword!

KING: Very well, do bring him a real sword.

[Guard leaves and returns with sword]

GUARD: Now you be careful with this, young man.

CC: Now I am truly a warrior!

[Cathbad enters]

CATHBAD: What is this?  Why have you a sword, Cú Chulainn?

CC: I heard your omen earlier, Master Druid, that the first man to take up arms this day shall be the greatest warrior in history.

CATHBAD: Indeed?  And did you also hear that the life of this same warrior shall be as short and fleeting as it is famous?

KING: My nephew, if this is true tell me what use is it to be mighty if you will not live to see your autumn years?  You should return the sword at once!

CC: By the Gods, I shall not.  I pledge this sword to the service of the Battle Raven, and I care not whether I live to see midsummer so long as the fame of my deeds endure!

KING: Well then, if you are to be a warrior you must be trained!  Guard, see to my nephew’s training.

GUARD: Aye lord.  Come along, lad.

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