Perseverance was the motto of my ‘middle’ school.   As such, for me it has this lingering smell of a word that uses too many syllables just to say that you really need to do your homework no matter how much it makes your eyes water from boredom.   Needless to say it is pretty difficult for me to get overly excited about perseverance as a virtue worthy of discussion; yes, yes, one should pursue one’s goals (like completion of the Dedicant Path documentation) even when the pursuit becomes tedious (like having to write an essay about Perseverance)…. am I at 125 words yet?  Indeed it appears that I am not alone in not wanting to talk about perseverance; there isn’t even a wikipedia article about it.

Here is the other thing about perseverance; it is not enough.   There is a trick to achieving a goal — it requires planning.  You can have all the perseverance in the world but without a plan you’ll just find yourself going (admitted steadfastly) in circles and never reaching your destination.

So in my humble opinion, perseverance should be replaced by some other virtue like ‘goal orientation’ which encompasses not simply the tenacity implied by ‘perseverance’ but also the cognitive qualities that allow one to determine how to get to where they want to go.


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