Once around the sun.

Today marks one year of At the Sign of the White Hart, and therefore one year of working on the Dedicant Path.

I am pretty pleased that I have stuck with it, and have only two essays, one book review, and the oath remaining.  However, I am a bit worried that I might have more or less shot myself in the foot by posting my essays as blog posts which obviously have a much more conversational tone to them rather than academic.  I fear that I may have to re-write many of them to make them acceptable.

But, I am not going to get worked up about it.  I’ll just try to make the last submissions a bit more serious in tone.

Anyway, for those of you who have been reading this blog and making comments — especially Sanil! — thanks very much.  I greatly appreciate the feedback.

One thought on “Once around the sun.

  1. Have you read the sample submissions on the website? It seemed to me most of them had a conversational tone too, so I think you’re probably fine. Mine will definitely have to be re-written, because they’re all too long and mostly I just wrote them as blog posts so I would remember the experiences and be more able to describe them later. But I don’t mind, it will give me a good chance to reevaluate everything.

    You’re welcome! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, and it encouraged me to get back to work on it too. Congratulations on coming so far with it!

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