Photo Friday!

Diana and the Moon #2 by surprise truck
Diana and the Moon #2, a photo by surprise truck on Flickr.

Well, it’s been a while.


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday!

  1. It has been awhile! I was going to try to send you an email just to see how you were doing but couldn’t decide if that was a weird thing to do. 😀

    I love this picture. I didn’t even notice the moon until I saw the title and then looked again more carefully. Very nice!

  2. Hey Sanil… thanks for the comment and thanks for thinking of me. I’m always happy to hear from you, feel free to email any time.

    Sorry I haven’t been been an active reader on your blog recently, but things are just crazy busy for me right now. I’m hoping things settle down soon… I really can’t handle frenzy very well.

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