This doesn’t really have much to do with my ADF studies, but after Samhain I got into this Ancestor craze and started researching my genealogy.

Some interesting status: I am 50% Finnish, 12.5% Germanic (Prussian), 12.5% French (many generations of Quebecois with a little bit of British mixed in here and there) , 12.5% Scottish, and 12.5% Irish; in other words a typical North American.

My ancestors include two Filles du Roi, French girls – mostly orphans – who were sent to the New World by the King of France.  One of these, Marie Barbant, married one of the Carignan-Salières Regiment, the first regiment of French soldiers sent to protect the new colonies.  He was a Norman by the name of Jean De Lalonde dit L’Esperance and ended up being killed in an Iroquois raid in 1687.

This research has all been quite interesting and engrossing!

If anyone is interested, here is my pedigree:

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