Liturgy 1: Sacralization of Space

Discuss why ADF rituals need not have a defined outer boundary, or “circle” and the sacralization of space in ritual.

The most common reason that seems to be proffered for the lack of ‘circle casting’ in Druid ritual seems to be a practical one; neo-Pagans, being rightly or wrongly stereotyped as never being able to start anything promptly at an agreed upon time (the notorious “Pagan Standard Time”) are assumed to be prone to arriving late for ritual.  Not creating a magical barrier around the ritual allows for latecomers to join, and for those who happened to forget their offerings in their car to leave and return without significantly impacting the rite.

Beyond the practical reasons, there simply is no general need for this type of barrier in Druid ritual.  When we need to keep disrupting entities out of our rituals we use Outsider offerings to placate them rather than erecting barricades against them.  In lieu of casting circles, in Our Druidry we create sacred space through a variety of means including processionals, purification, energy raising, grounding, and the re-creation of the Sacred Centre.

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