Liturgy 1: Earth Mother

Discuss the Earth Mother and her significance in ADF liturgy.

The honouring of the Earth Mother in ADF rituals is primarily a holdover from the Reformed Druids of North America liturgy, in which she played a central role.  Within ADF ritual the Earth Mother is given a somewhat diminished role comparatively, most likely owing to her tenuous position as a specifically Indo-European deity.  That is, while the proto-Indo-Europeans seem to have had a trifunctional Goddess, the Chthonic Goddesses that we typically associate with an Earth Mother figure were more likely adoptions from the substrate cultures subsumed by the Indo-European speaking peoples.

Nevertheless, while the Earth Mother may play a smaller role in ADF ritual than she did for the RDNA, the role remains as vitally important.  The Earth Mother upholds our rites, she is considered the All-Mother who gives birth to all of the Kindred, and she is the personification of nature which is central to Druid spirituality.

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