Liturgy 1: Outdwellers

Discuss the Outdwellers and their significance in ritual (or not, as the case may be).

The “Acknowledgement of the Outsiders” appears in the 1991 changes to the ADF Liturgy, without a significant description of the step.  Newberg provides further background, suggesting that the step is an optional one meant to acknowledge those spirits which are typically at odds with our Gods and Goddesses, such as the Norse Giants, the Greek Titans, or the Celtic Fir Bolg.  However, the Outdwellers need not be limited to a particular race; any spirit be they a displeased Ancestor or a malevolent Fae which would seek to disrupt or harm the ritual can be considered an Outdweller.

Some Grove traditions send their warriors to drive the Outdwellers away, or offer gifts to divine guardians to keep them at bay.  More typically, however, we do not usually seek to put up wards against the Outdwellers but rather either ignore them appease them with offerings to leave our rites in peace.  

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