Liturgy I : The Three Kindred

Describe the intention and function of the Three Kindreds invocations, and give a short description of each of the Kindreds.

In general terms, we invoke the Three Kindred primarily to obtain their favours as discussed individually below, and secondarily to form deeper relations with them and to honour them in their own right.

The Ancestors are the spirits of the dead, which include the direct ancestors of the ritual participants as well as the ancestors of our communities, hearts, and spirits.  Often we also invoke the spirits of the dead who lived upon the land on which we perform our rituals since, at least here in North America, these may not be the same as our Ancestors per se.  In invoking the Ancestors, we typically ask them for their guidance and their wisdom, which is considered to be our birthright.  Additionally, we assume that our Ancestors once worshipped the same Gods and Goddesses that we do, and so we invite them to attend to our worship.

The Spirits of the Land take many forms.  They are most often honoured as the Old World nature spirits known to our Indo-European speaking ancestors; the Sidhe and the Nymphs, Satyrs and Fairies.  Here in North America we often also honour the New World nature spirits; the stag and coyote, raven and salmon.  These are old spirits, and strong.  By invoking them we primarily ask them to be our allies and to lend us their strength and magic.  We also reaffirm our relationship with them and offer sacrifice to them in exchange for their blessings to conduct our rites upon their Land.

Finally we invoke the Shining Gods and Goddesses.  Here we try to invoke all of the deities… and I do mean all.  Often we call to the personal Patrons and/or Matrons of the ritual participants, in aggregate, as well as to the Gods and Goddesses of our Ancestors, and to those who were worshipped by the people who lived on the land upon which we perform our rituals.  Through our invocations we ask primarily for their blessings, but we also invite them join us in honouring the Deities of the Occasion.  A tertiary reason for invoking a plethora of Gods and Goddesses is to allow us to call upon specific functional deities to assist with our Workings, if any, during ritual.

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