Liturgy 1: “Filling Out the Cosmic Picture”

Describe other possible models for the “Filling Out the Cosmic Picture” sections.

The “Kindred Invocations” or “Triad Invocations” which are the familiar offerings and invitations to the Ancestors, Spirits of the Land, and Gods & Goddesses have been a part of ADF ritual since the beginning. However, in the 1991 changes to the Core Order of Ritual, this step was broadened to “Filling Out the Cosmic Picture”, a change meant to permit for more flexibility while still meeting the need to attract needed spirits or energy to the ritual. The general idea seems to have been that if your particular understanding of the ethnic focus of your ritual requires it, you may deviate from the standard set of Kindred and their respective associations with the Worlds, the most commonly cited deviation being the Norse kin and their belief in “Nine Worlds” rather than three.

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