Liturgy 1: Key Offerings

Discuss how one would choose the focus (or focuses) for the Key Offerings.

The Key Offerings phase is in many ways the heart of ADF ritual; it is what brings purpose to the High Day (or other occasion).  It is also often the biggest challenge for the liturgist, for in many cases the choices for a High Day focus are not straightforward.  For Celtic hearth cultures, honouring Brigid at Imbolc and Lugh at Lughnasadh are simple enough, but beyond these the choices are not so easy.

Fortunately, there are few “wrong” choices which opens up a world of possibilities.  The key is to find some aspect of the High Day which you are interested in exploring and working from there.  If you are planning to include a Working within the ritual you will want to ensure that the Deities of the Occasion chosen are compatible with your purpose.  

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