Good News! Also — Blogs!?

The good news: Indo-European Studies I was submitted and passed!  Woohoo!  That’s two down!

On another topic, I go through my list of blog links now and then and remove blogs that haven’t had an update in six months or more. Anyone out there have an ADF or general pagan blog that they would like me to link to?

2 thoughts on “Good News! Also — Blogs!?

  1. Congratulations!

    Unrelated, I just noticed the “Finnish Paganism” links on the sidebar. I’ll have to check those out, my partner has Finnish ancestry and is very interested in that sort of thing. Very cool.

    • Yes, please do, they are very good. “Modern Day Väinämöinen” is no longer being updated but there is still a lot of really good reading in the archives. It is hard to find decent information about Finnish Paganism in English, for obvious reasons!

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