Introducing WikiMyth!

Recently I’ve become quietly obsessed over an idea that was triggered by two coincidental events.

The first such event was my struggle to write a good Lughnasadh ritual.  You all know that a lot of the “lore” around our High Days is so much modern invention.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I prefer to have my liturgies based as much as possible on the primary sources.  I had read that Lughnasadh is linked to the concept of Sovereignty, and had also read Lugh is married to the Goddess of Sovereignty.  But of course none of the websites where I was reading this cited their sources, so tracking down and finding the primary sources upon which to build my ritual was quite challenging.

So, while I was spending time in research I happened to read a blog post at Aedicula Antinoi.  In it, P. Sufenas writes:

A while back, I had a conversation … on the importance of theological commentary on myths, and how there needs to be more of it, because it is an extremely useful thing…  Some of the material generated in blog posts, comments, and even in some of the major spats within modern pagan and polytheist communities can qualify as this sort of theological commentary…But, independent of that particular matter, it might be good to not only have some formal and extended commentaries on some of the extant myths (especially as they reveal practical matters for our own use in modern ritual and devotion)…

That got me thinking; wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a site where the Pagan community could work together to link the myths from the primary sources through scholarly research and theology into practice?  There is plenty of excellent research out there already, of course, but often finding it is a challenge, so this site would also provide links to the best secondary sources and research available.

So, I have set up a wiki site, WikiMyth, with that intention.  It is just a skeleton right now, but I invite everyone with an interest to come over and start working on it!


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