Status Update

As some of you will already know, I have left ADF.  Part of the reason for my leaving has to do with my last post here but there are other reasons which are just as important to me.

However despite leaving ADF, I am continuing to pursue my Druidry and will likely continue to post the occasional essay on things that interest me and which I hope will be of interest to others.


3 thoughts on “Status Update

      • I think just loneliness. The only pagan group I know of locally is very loose and fluffy, not bad for light socializing but I wanted a more concrete tradition and other people doing the same thing as me for awhile. I left ADF mostly because the email lists had become exhausting with all the pointless arguments that were going on at the time. It just wasn’t worth the energy for something that never quite fit my perspective. It still doesn’t, but I’ve gotten more flexible with changing paradigms and just accepting the tradition to benefit from having a group.

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