Home Shrine Part III

Here is my primary indoor home shrine.  As mentioned before, I don’t have many spaces to build shrines where they won’t fall victim to a cat’s curiosity or a dog’s tail, so I have to keep my shrines small.  This one occupies a shelf on top of my wine rack.

Pagan Druid Altar

This shrine is where I keep my hallows (fire, well, tree) as well as the icons of my patrons, Cerridwen and Cernunnos.  I also keep here a bracelet given to my grandfather from my grandmother as a token of my ancestors.

I consider this shrine to be pretty much complete and have no particular plans to improve upon it.  All of my plans for improving shrines are focused on my outdoor shrines.



Home Shrine II (Updated)

Druidic shrine of the Triple Goddess / Earth Mother

As mentioned in the past, my pets make keeping shrines in the home challenging.  This altar is in my kitchen on a small shelf where the cats cannot really jump and the Wolfhounds cannot get into the libations.  This is, of course, my shrine to the Earth Mother and Triple Goddess.  I try to keep some seasonal items on it; the pine cones were from winter and will be removed shortly and given to the Earth.  Since spring has come I’ve been giving Her fresh flowers.

Update: I updated the photo.  The original one had a very narrow depth of field and with the scaling that WordPress does, it just ended up looking blurry.  This one is much nicer.  Plus you can click on it to see it big if you like.

The portable home shrine

Portable ADF home shrineI performed a short and simple self-blessing rite this weekend to ask for help with an endeavor of mine.

I figured I would take a quick snap of the setup as part of my Home Shrine deliverable.  When doing solitary work at home I prefer to do it in front of the wood stove so that I can use a real fire.

As you can see, my hallows are pretty meagre, other than that beautiful wooden offering bowl.